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Plus de 100 cas de coronavirus enregistrés dans deux abattoirs français

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Ces deux foyers de contamination sont situés près d’Orléans et de Saint-Brieuc.

Ils font partie des fameux nouveaux foyers d’infection à travers la France : plus de cent personnes étaient positives dimanche au Covid-19 dans deux « clusters » au sein de deux abattoirs, l’un près d’Orléans et l’autre près de Saint-Brieuc, ont annoncé dimanche les autorités de santé.

Dans un abattoir des Côtes-d’Armor, où six cas avaient été signalés vendredi, « les résultats des tests font apparaître ce jour 63 cas positifs Covid-19 supplémentaires, portant le total des cas confirmés à 69. Ces personnes sont isolées à leur domicile et leur suivi sera assuré par l’ARS Bretagne », a indiqué l’Agence régionale de santé dans un communiqué diffusé dimanche soir.

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U.S. meat industry seen as source of most new COVID-19 hotspots

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Outbreaks of the coronavirus in meat processing plants appear to play an outsized role in a handful of states with new infection rates far higher than the rest of the country. Or, as economist Ian Shepherdson put its: « The U.S. meat industry is the source of most new COVID hotspots. »


Vegan Grill Ndokoti

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Vegan food lovers from Douala! More than ever, today’s vegans are blessed with so many exciting choices for dining out – the vegan way.

Below is the « best of » vegan food in Cameroon, please show your support by writing a comment.

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Help a young homeless

For four years, the Boko Haram group has shot up villages, burned down schools, kidnapped children and made far north border areas largely uninhabitable. Hundred thousands people have fled their homes in that region.


Help a young person like Abbah













By sponsoring a room you can help a homeless young person leave homelessness behind for good. For just $10 a month you can help save lives and change lives.


YES! is a nonprofit organization that connects, inspires and collaborates with changemakers to join forces for thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. Know more…

Food sustainability for refugees

Set up a relay program for the future, move from emergency aid to sustainable development by giving the opportunities for refugees to cultivate and produce their own food and purchase themselves others necessities .
This includes assistance on the access to lands, agricultural inputs, and market, so as to make possible the development of self-reliance food.

After food aid (food distribution) this time is to cultivate the land (for these former shepherds) in order to get the ability  to survive.

A perenity brought to humanitary aid.

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One year later…

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AVDA-Cameroon-Refugees 2Since febuary 2014 at Garoua Boulaï, Cameroon, a border city of the Central African Republic (CAR). More than 22,000 refugees from CAR have crossed the border. For many, the journey was difficult and dangerous. They arrive in Cameroon completly destitute.

Refugees was destitute and the majority of them have only the clothes they wear, and are very tired, they walked many miles to cross the border and ate what they found along the way: a few leaves and roots. They were very weak physically.

Two international organizations were on the premises. Some small agencies also seek help from the international community.

Food was the first need of refugees. Find food was a real problem for them because they made long journeys, often on foot. In fear of violence, the majority of refugees have fled taking nothing with them, even something to eat.




We’ve join the efforts of those local residents of Garoua Boulaï who demonstrate a remarkable solidarity by distributing their own food to refugees when « global programs » are slow and often pending.



Donating clothes to refugees also gives a good reason to get rid of those extra items that have been sitting in closet too long.


CAR RefugeesSince the beginning of the conflict, children have been the forgotten victims of CAR crisis. Today, over 500 children are in need of assistance in this camp. These children are at risk of becoming a « lost generation » and cannot be ignored.

You can help some of refugee children and families to receive the life-saving relief and support they desperately need.

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary – Love and Reconnection

Please help Juliana to save more animals and to teach people about respecting all animals as equals.

CAR children refugees

image Since the beginning of the conflict, children have been the forgotten victims of CAR crisis. Today, over 500 children are in need of assistance in this camp. These children are at risk of becoming a « lost generation » and cannot be ignored. You can help refugee children and families receive the life-saving relief and support they desperately need.


Dawn L. Moncrief – A Well-Fed World

dawn_moncriefDawn Moncrief is the Founder and Executive Director of A Well-Fed World, a Washington DC-based hunger relief and animal protection organization that partners with and financially strengthens vegan feeding programs for people in need… farm animal care and rescue efforts… and pro-veg outreach campaigns.

She holds two master’s degrees from The George Washington University: one in international relations, the other in women studies—both with a focus on economic development. Her work highlights the ways in which high levels of meat consumption in the U.S. and globally exacerbate world hunger, especially for women and children.

She also draws attention to the negative consequences of animal agriculture on climate change; as well as the ethical and environmental deceptiveness in “gifting” animals for food in poor countries and « humane » meat marketing, more generally.